Spring 2024

Meet the Team

Miranda Blumer
Mira Blumer is a third-year triple major in Cinema, Creative Writing, and Theater and will be graduating next May. Afterwards, her goal is to pursue a master's in Creative Writing before working as a writer for film and television, as an author, and as a video and literary editor. She aspires to publish and produce her own various works as well, including creative nonfiction, novels, and screenplays. In her free time, she enjoys napping with her rescue cat, Tiffy, collecting books that she will never read, photography, and traveling.

Alyssa Bohnstengel

Alyssa Bohnstengel is a senior graduating with a B.A in Political Science and with a minor in Global Engagement. In her free time, she enjoys buying books, reading said books—they are two different hobbies—spending time with her friends, and spending hours in Newman. After graduation, she intends to utilize her summer traveling with friends and pursue a career in the international relations field.

Destiny Haley
Destiny Haley is a junior majoring in English Literature, with a minor in Professional and Technical Writing. She hopes to work as a writer and/or editor in the future and is considering going into food writing. She enjoys cooking as a hobby. 

Molleigh Judd
Molleigh is a senior creative writing major with a minor in strategic communication. She plans on eventually attending grad school to receive an MFA in poetry and hopes to work as an editor for a literary journal or publishing press. 

Regan McQuaid

Regan McQuaid is a fourth-year undergrad at Virginia Tech, studying English Pre-law with minors in Sociology and Literature. As an avid reader, she could spend hours editing her peer’s works to be the best they can be. Utilizing this passion, Regan hopes to work in the publishing and editing industry when she graduates. Even after reading analytical essays and sociological papers for her classes, she enjoys reading for fun and absorbing stories in any form she can.    

Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell is a graduating senior and a part of the Professional and Technical Writing major. He enjoys Brandon Sanderson books, Halsey, and Devils Backbone Vienna lager. After college, he hopes to work for a major publishing company. 

Nya Nesbit
Nya Nesbit is a junior double major in Psychology and Creative Writing. She currently acts as Editor-in-Chief of Elevate Magazine and wants to pursue a career in the publishing industry. In her free time, she enjoys working on her novel and screenplays, adding books to her reading list, and spending time with friends and family.

Ruth Perkins
Ruth Perkins is a junior majoring in Professional and Technical Writing with minors in English Literature and Language Sciences. She currently works as a Content Editing and Communications Intern as well as a Writing Center Tutor. She plans to work as a Technical Writer/Editor after graduating.  

Allison Stacy

Allison Stacy is a double major in English with focuses in Pre-Education and Professional and Technical Writing who is graduating this May. In her free time, she likes to read books while cuddling with her pets. After graduation, she will be doing the Disney College Program and after that, she intends to get her master’s in Secondary Education. 

Consultant: Professor Andrew Wadoski

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